Military Personnel Might Appreciate Long-Term Cottage Rentals on the Beach Jan04


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Military Personnel Might Appreciate Long-Term Cottage Rentals on the Beach

Many active-duty members of the military based in the Norfolk area will be excited to hear about discounts on rental properties owned and managed by a realty company. Annual leases on certain homes come with a discount for these individuals. Other military members might not want to sign a year-long lease. They could be interested in cottage rentals in Norfolk that do not have this requirement.

Typical Building Size

People might think of a cottage as being tiny, but technically, it actually can be the size of a small house or medium-sized apartment. Traditionally, to be designated a cottage, a structure would have no more than 1,200 sq. ft. However, larger buildings referred to as cottage houses could have two stories with 1,200 sq. ft. just on the bottom floor.

Other Definitive Features

The size of the building is not as intrinsic to the definition as certain other features are. For instance, the structures are simple and modest. They are typically built in rural locations. They tend to have old-fashioned designs, even if the structures are new.

Then and Now

Originally, cottages were typically lived in by laborers working for property owners. Owners of agricultural land might have housed a farm worker on the site, for example. Now, they are commonly used as vacation spots for tourists or private vacation homes. Cottages often are built on waterways.

Concluding Thoughts

Military troops stationed in this area may be able to find appealing cottage rentals in Norfolk with views of the ocean or situated right on the beach. The residence can be a haven after long, hard days on the job.

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