Microtech Automatic Knives Offer Industry-Leading Manufacturing Dec13


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Microtech Automatic Knives Offer Industry-Leading Manufacturing

Microtech automatic knives are known for their quality and technical innovation. At Microtech, the automatic knives are frequently tested and upgraded. These foldable knives are made so that they can be safely carried around and used for self-defense, outdoor traveling, and more. They have a button on the side of the handle that opens the blade with ease.

Microtech automatic knives come in many stylish options. There are unique colors and handle decorations throughout the manufacturer’s line of automatic blades. People value these knives for their quality and usability. Microtech pays notable attention to the blade quality and style. Customers will find many bayonet blades, combination blades, drop point models, and more.

This maker also offers smaller money clip blades. These are handy and offer a lot of blade strength for their size, as they have a proportionally wider handle and fatter blade base than others.

Microtech adds interesting accent details to its knives. Customers will find sleek logos, detailed blade embossing, and decorative contrasting metal pins on the handle.

Many of the automatic knives from Microtech feature aluminum construction pieces. Buyers will want to note that on several blade types, the exact metal may vary. Depending on market availability, blades can made from steel or other metal mixes. An important component in Microtech knives is the durability of the spring. Since safe use of the knife is largely dependent on having a reliable folding mechanism, Microtech pays special attention to the spring manufacture. These springs are built to withstand fatigue by sitting in an “at rest” position unless the blade is deployed.

Contact Vipertec Knives online at www.vipertecknives.com.

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