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Making The Case For Adding A Load Cell Amplifier

All load cells, regardless of their specific type or configuration, are a form of a transducer. They convert the force applied to the load cell to an electrical signal which is read by equipment and converted into a meaningful data point.

This is a highly effective system, and the choice of the correct size of the load cell is important for accurate readings. However, with some systems, extremely small changes in tension need to be accurately tracked and recorded to allow automatic adjustments of the system to maintain the precision tension on the web. In these types of systems, enhancing the electric signal from the load cell transducer is critical.

The addition of a load cell amplifier serves this purpose. This additional component boosts or amplifies the electronic signal from the load cell, allowing even small deviations from the ideal tension or force to be quickly and accurately detected and responded to through the system. This increases the precision control of the tensioning web through the brake and the drives, allowing for the specific and small adjustments necessary for uniform tensioning.

Making a Choice

Just as top manufacturers design load cells and tension indicators to be compatible with different systems, the same is also true with the load cell amplifier. However, it is important to use the correct option, either digital or analog, to match the load cell output.

Keep in mind; the load cell amplifier does not alter, read or record the electronic signal through the system. They simply boost the system in a uniform way to allow for accurate readings of even small changes in the force on the load cell.

It is worthwhile to compare models and options offered in amplifiers. Choosing a product from a reputable, established company in the tension measurement field is important to get the right component for your equipment.

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