Making Sure You’re Enrolled in Georgia Health Insurance Through Marketplace

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Insurance

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If you’re looking for health insurance at an affordable rate or because it’s not available from your employer, an option to consider is the Marketplace. The following are a few tips to keep in mind to help you get enrolled.


An important detail to keep in mind about the Health Care Marketplace is that there is a certain date that you have to file by in order to have benefits for the following year. This date is typically December 15 if you want to have coverage that begins on January 1.


While you usually can’t begin new coverage with the Health Care Marketplace during the year until the enrollment period, there are some exceptions. If you lose health coverage, such as Medicaid, then you can typically enroll in coverage early. You could also qualify for a special enrollment if you have a life-changing event, such as moving or a significant income change.


There are typically plans available that allow you to save a significant amount on your insurance during the year. Keep in mind that your overall income is often a qualifying factor as well as your household size. A tax credit can be used to help you lower the monthly amount that you pay as well as the deductible that you have. If you have children, they could qualify for medical coverage if they don’t qualify for Medicaid or other government programs. Most plans provide free coverage for basic healthcare needs including preventive care for mental health. Contact Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace for more information.

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