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What makes Polyester Tape Have Outstanding Qualities?

There are two types of polyester tapes, and they are blue and green. The blue tape is used in Solar panel assembly, anodizing, general purpose masking, electronic assembly, wet coating operations, and powder coating. The green tape on the other hand, is used in photo splicing, anodizing, powder coating, E-Coating, and general-purpose masking. These tapes have a silicone adhesive, and are highly suitable for a range of purposes in many different industries.

Outstanding Qualities that Make Polyester Good

Polyester tape is extremely durable, and is made even stronger with its silicon adhesive backing. Polyester is a strong fabric that is resistant to stretching, shrinking, wrinkles, abrasions, and is even resistant to mildew and many chemicals. Due to its strength, polyester retains its shape even after exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Why Silicon Makes the Best Adhesive for The Tape

Silicon offers exceptional heat resistance and unparalleled flexibility. This makes the adhesive good in different industries such as electrical, aerospace, automotive, electronics and construction industries. When you use tape with silicon adhesive, you can be sure that the bond produced by the adhesive can withstand high temperatures of up to 350 degrees for blue tape and 400 degrees for the green tape. Silicon can be formulated to be an insulator for high dielectric strength and it is non-corrosive. This is why the tape can be used for sealing sensors and cables in appliances and electronics. As an adhesive, it has the ability to resist other chemicals and water, so the bonds created when you use the tape to join materials cannot be easily broken.

A Powerful Combination of Silicon Adhesive and Polyester Fabric

A good tape needs to be able to hold strong to the surfaces where it is used and to be strong enough to resist tears. These characteristics make polyester tape one of the best tapes on the market to use where high temperatures are present.

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