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Make Your Garden Beautiful With Quality Top Soil

If you have always dreamed of having a beautiful garden, but the soil around your house is making it hard to sustain plant life, you may want to consider adding some premium top soil in Monterey, CA. The truth is, most homes do not contain the perfect soil for growing the perfect garden, and may need to have additives introduced in order to make it premium soil.

One benefit to using top soil in Monterey, CA, is that it has a greater concentration of nutrients than most other types of soil. In this top layer of soil, the plants are able to get the nutrients that will help them grow healthier. It is still important to fertilize your soil. Adding fertilizer and organic matter to your garden once a month will keep your soil full of nutrients. Compost and manure are great additives that will achieve a great looking garden.

Many gardeners will use top soil in Monterey CA when their soil has a high content of clay. Soil rich in clay will inhibit plant drainage and lead to the growth of disease. If your soil has a high content of clay, a sandy top soil will allow the water to drain. Be sure, however, that you don’t have too much sand in your top soil. This will cause the nutrients to wash out, leading to nutrient deficiencies in your plant life. Adding organic matter into your top soil will increase water retention, as well as the nutrient content.

Top soil works best when planted in an outdoor garden. Potting soil is best for indoor plants. When using top soil in your garden, make sure to prepare it correctly. After distributing the soil evenly in the garden, water it to ensure that it is saturated. Then rake it to loosen the area where you want to plant the seeds. Depending on the type of seeds you are planting, you may need to add additional top soil over the seeded area. After planting, you can add top soil to fill in any low areas.

Top soil is also great to add into any high traffic areas that you may have in your yard or garden. While there are many benefits to using top soil in Monterey, CA, always check to see if using top soil will be the best solution to your particular situation.

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