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Maintenance is Essential to Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs

Scheduling regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system is a chore that should not be overlooked, denigrated, refused, forgotten, disparaged or ignored. With summer months promising to be prolonged and hotter than usual this year in Florida, taking care of your AC is especially important, which means calling a Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning servicer to inspect your system before it’s too late.

One of the primary problems that homeowners and renters alike have when it comes to paying monthly bills on utilities is wasted energy. You could be wasting energy when you run your AC without even knowing it. There are several components of your system that can contribute to throwing away money from month to month, including your thermostat, the size of your AC unit in proportion to the size of your building, your insulation, the structure and condition of your ventilation and ducts, the refrigerant you use, even the age of your air conditioner – no matter how well it is operating.

If something breaks down but doesn’t cause total failure, the first reaction most people have, unfortunately, is to do absolutely nothing. As long as it still works and they remain cool on those hot winter days, the thought of calling a Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning technician sounds like a huge hassle. It seems better just to go with the flow and take care of any problem later. Bad idea! What seems like a small problem now may or may not turn into a big problem later, but in the meantime, your system is very likely wasting energy and causing your bill to skyrocket.

For instance, if your ducts haven’t been cleaned in ten years, or if you have never had them inspected, you are very likely sending cool air into places unknown, and paying for it. Having a Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning technician check out your ductwork is a good idea because, as one family discovered, they had air flowing in some passages straight into the attic and out the attic window. Poor insulation that doesn’t keep things inside is also a huge energy waster no matter how well your unit runs. And if your AC unit itself is more than a decade old, it just doesn’t have the same quality as newer models, even if you have kept up maintenance and it is in pristine condition. Upgrading to a newer unit could mean huge savings, including 60% better efficiency!

Suffice it to say that it’s well worth the time and money to keep up maintenance on your air conditioning and heating. The savings in monthly bills quickly more than pay for any related expense.

40 Degreez is your reliable and experienced Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning repair company, offering 24-hour air conditioning service and repair. Air conditioners usually break down when they are being worked hard, such as on especially hot days when you are relying on them more than ever. We can be there any time of the day to get things up and running again and keep your home cool, day or night! No job is too big or too small for our qualified team.

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