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Maintenance for Your Hot Tub in Reading PA

Maintaining your hot tub is essential if you are planning on using it for many years. Through carelessness and lack of proper maintenance, your hot tub is simply going to become a money pit. Here are some tips from a company specializing in water delivery for your hot tub in Reading PA.

Test the Water Regularly
The best and most effective way of testing your water is with test strips. You should use these at least two times a week during hot tub season. The testing strip container usually has a chart printed on it that tells you what the colors on the test strip mean. Use that as a guide to which chemicals you need to add or which ones you need to lighten up on. The more balanced you keep your pH level in the water, the safer and more enjoyable it’s going to be for the people who spend time in it.

Change the Water Regularly
Depending on how often you use your hot tub will determine how often you change the water. If you only use it on occasion, you can probably get by with changing it every six months. If you use it more often, it could be best to change it every three to four months. Either way, when you get ready to change it, it’s best to contact your bulk water delivery company for your hot tub in Reading PA. They can bring the water right to your home and make the process easy and efficient.

Protect Your Hot Tub Cover
Your hot tub cover is a great way to maintain the inside of your hot tub, but it also helps capture the heat for a period of time. If you use your hot tub regularly, the cover can keep the heat in so it won’t take so much effort or energy to heat it again if you plan on using it soon. In addition to that, the hot tub cover will help prolong the life of your spa because it will help keep the harmful sun’s rays away from the inside and the mechanisms. Make sure the cover fits tight for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Keep the Water Sanitized
Dirty water can cause your hot tub to age prematurely. One of the best and most efficient ways to sanitize your hot tub water is by using bromine or chlorine. Only use one of these chemicals in your water – never both of them. If you have bromine tablets, simply add them to the water and let your filters run overnight. This will mix the chemicals with the water and sanitize it. Chlorine is similar. Read the directions on the type of chlorine that you purchase so you can mix it correctly. Too much of any chemical can make the water harmful to the skin or worse.

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