Maintaining Your Cesspool For Future Use

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Home And Garden

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Maintaining a regular schedule for cesspool maintenance in Long Island is essential for your whole system to continue to run properly. While this type of maintenance will cost money upfront, the initial cost of performing this maintenance is nothing to what you may have to pay later on the road if you do not maintain your cesspool properly. There are several things, which you can do in order to accomplish the correct maintenance required to correctly take care of your cesspool. This includes an inspection of the cesspool to see how much work must be done, avoiding harmful chemicals which will not perform their job in the cesspool and will instead get stuck and cause a clog, as well as removal of all materials held in the cesspool.


The first thing that must happen during a routine Cesspool Maintenance Long Island is to inspect all areas of the cesspool. This includes pumping everything out of the septic tank and inspecting the lid of th tanks to make sure there are no gaps in the enclosure. It also involves removal of all the water and sludge that is currently present in your cesspool. You should also make sure that the ground in the area of the cesspool is inspected, ensuring that there are no sinkholes. If a sinkhole is present, you will need professional attention to the area to ensure that the problem is taken care of properly.

Avoid Chemicals

Never take on the responsibility of cleaning out your cesspool on your own by flushing harmful chemicals through the drain during cesspool maintenance in Long Island. These chemicals will end up in your cesspool and may cause harm to the whole system. These chemicals may not only cause a decrease in the longevity and the quality of your septic tank, but if some of the chemical gets lodged into the system, it may cause a clog and a huge mess may follow.


Once a routine checkup and pumping have been provided by the correct professional during cesspool maintenance in Long Island, it is the proper time to remove all the grime and dirt out of the cesspool. These materials may clog up the cesspool, causing damage from preventing other materials from passing through. It is best to clear out the system as much as possible during this cleanup in order to ensure a well running system and a longer space between the next cleanups. The best way to maintain your cesspool is to ensure that there is not undo use on the system. One way to eliminate the amount of waste traveling through your system is to limit the use on garbage disposals; these systems allow for more trash to enter the system and increase the likelihood of clogging by these materials.

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