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Maintaining Your Air Conditioning In Gainesville VA

Regular service is advisable to maintain your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). You could call out an expensive repairman every time you need a filter changed, but learning how to replace this $5 item yourself can save you at least $75 in a trip charge. Other maintenance projects include air conditioner coils and fins, condensate drains, and checking seals. Preparing for the different seasons and know when to call in an Air conditioning Gainesville VA professional are also ways to save on HVAC repairs.

The most efficient way to maintain your HVAC system is to check the filter frequently. In this instance the filter is one area where you can spend less to get more. The filter works hard to filter particles through the air. The higher density air filter will require more suction to filter the air and that is not specifically what the HVAC is designed to do. With a cheaper brand, the air will filter easily through the system and will need to be replaced more often due to the particle that is easily caught. A cheaper brand filter is more high maintenance but it will keep the HVAC working smoothly.

Maintenance for fins and coils is more difficult then replacing an air filter. Depending on where the parts are positioned it may be a do-it-yourself job or you may need a professional repairman. If you have to get close to the condenser unit and unscrew compartments, then you may void your warranty by doing the work yourself. Otherwise, cleaning the area around the coil and fins of any dirt that is visible will be adequate for maintenance. A vacuum in this part will also take dirt and other debris out of the area keeping your unit from functioning properly.

Preparing for the next season is a great way to protect your Air conditioning systems Gainesville VA. Checking the seal around your unit for cracking and peeling can alert you to future problems. Moisture damages this seal. Knowing what you can do personally for maintenance items and when to call out a professional will help you keep your unit working at optimum performance.

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