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Maid Service in Salt Lake City

Hiring a maid service Salt Lake City can help you get your weekly cleaning done or your heavy-duty spring cleaning done if you need a helping hand. Some families hire a maid service for a new mom who is at home recovering and dealing with getting used to a lack of sleep on top of regular housework. Other families pitch in and hire a maid service for their elderly parents, who may have trouble cleaning things down low like dusting the baseboards or reaching up high to dust the tops of mirrors and picture frames.

When you hire a Maid Service Salt Lake City, you can work with the service to customize the service according to your needs. There may be certain rooms you do not want them to clean, or there may be certain valuable items you don’t want them to touch, like paintings, for example. However, the service should also be bonded and insured so that there is coverage just in case something breaks while they are in your home. You should also check with the service and make sure all employees have passed a criminal background check before signing a contract to allow anyone in your home.

The Maid Service Salt Lake City should provide their own cleaning materials, but if you like to do natural cleaning, that can be arranged as well. For example, some customers don’t like to use commercially-prepared floor cleaning solutions and they prefer to steam clean their floors. If you have a floor steam cleaner, you might have an agreement with the service to show the cleaning person how it works and have them use your steam cleaner on your floors from now on. Other customers prefer to clean windows and counter tops with a mixture of vinegar and water, and they provide those for the service to use instead of purchased cleaners.

You can design your cleaning agreement to be as original as you like. The service should know ahead of time if you want the inside of the microwave cleaned or just the outside, if you want the oven cleaned inside, if they are to dust moldings and baseboards and blades on ceiling fans, if they should clean the outside or inside or both of laundry appliances, and how particular you are about cleaning fingerprints. You can decide if you want weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or once a year cleaning.

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