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Looking For Quality Water Slied Manufacturers? Read This First

Only reputable Water Slide Manufacturers will be in a position to provide you with outstanding quality as far as taking your (as well as your kids’) outdoor fun experience to a new level is concerned. This is pretty much the reason why you need to find a company that offers a large selection of products on their categories. Here are some top factors to consider.

Tip 1: Before purchasing from any manufacturer out there, always check that they comply with the US Consumer Product Safety standards. This is the only way to rest assured of your family’s safety not just for today but for days to come.

Tip 2: Don’t buy Water Slides which cannot withstand snow, ice, hoop rain, pool chemicals, heat changes and other environmental issues. Collect a unit that is made with high quality materials.

Tip 3: Another important point that you need to keep in mind while shopping for a water slide is its limit volume of weight. For moderate users, 300 pounds or so would be good enough.

Tip 4: Water slides come in many styles, shapes and sizes. For home use you can choose a concrete or a fiberglass slide because they are easy to customize.

Tip 5: Standard slides are usually made of aluminum or acrylic. They are available in a variety of colors, shapes, styles and sizes and can easily handle weights in the range of 250 pound to 300 pounds.

Tip 6: If you ideally want to create a unique fun structure in your compound, then you can go for customized slide varieties. These are normally tailored to suit specific requirements and can have as many inclines and speedways as one wishes.

Tip 7: This is actually a continuation of the previous tip. Anyway, custom slides come in two designs: open flume or closed flume. Open flume designs are not enclosed on top unlike closed flumes which resemble huge cylinders. If you want to conceal the feature in the landscaping, then the latter design is the better option.

Whew. That was quite a mouthful. All in all, I hope you’ve learned a lot and that your task of finding suitable Water Slide Manufacturers will be much easier. All the best!

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