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Looking for a Pawn Shop in Cocoa?

If you are looking for a good Pawn Shop in Cocoa, try out Gold Mine of Merritt Island LLC. Gold Mine is a full service Pawn Shop with a wide variety of products. The staff is trained to quickly help you determine a good price whether you are selling, or just in need of a loan.

Gold Mine of Merritt Island, LLC buys gold and other jewelry for top dollar. You can get instant cash for your unwanted or scrap gold. With the price of precious metals on the rise, this is a good time to sell all that old jewelry that’s been sitting around for years.

Not every pawn shop sells guns, but Gold Mine of Merritt Island LLC does. They buy them too. You can find a great price on a gun at a pawn shop. The benefit of buying a gun at a pawn shop is, you can get a good price, without the hassle of buying straight from the owner. When you buy straight from an owner you have to go through the extra process of registering the gun in your name. If you buy from a pawn shop they take care of that for you.

Gold Mine also sells all sorts of electronics, tools, musical instruments, and jewelry at really low prices. If you get lucky you could find a nice t.v. or stereo for a great price. You might even find the prefect musical instrument for you or a loved one for a fraction of the usual cost.

To make your shopping experience even easier, Gold Mine of Merritt Island LLC now has an eBay store. You can shop for pawn store prices without having to leave your house. Just search for them on eBay. Of course, nothing can beat the feel of looking at the products in person.

Whether you need a loan, want to sell something, or are looking for something cheap, a Pawn Shop in Cocoa is a good place to go to suit your needs. Their wide selection is sure to have something that you need or want. Stop in often to see their newest deals


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