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Locating a Trustworthy Gas Engineer – Chatham

A Gas engineer is supposed to be trustworthy but, from experience, many people can say they have fallen victim to cowboys at one time or another. In an emergency you might not always know who to call and you might just call the first number you see in the Yellow Pages. This may not be a wise decision. In the moment of panic, when you come home and smell gas your first thought might be to call anyone who offers a 24 hour emergency service but you could easily fall foul of a fake engineer who will charge a substantial call-out fee and a huge price on top for unnecessary parts and labour.

Speaking to your family and friends or local businesses can help you. Keep a number handy that you know has been used by someone you trust and the work is guaranteed and insured. We all act hastily sometimes and hindsight is always 20/20 but in the moment when you require an expert it is comforting to know that the person you call is someone who has recommendations and testimonials from people you know. Don’t be afraid to ask them some searching questions about how they work. All genuine Gas Safe engineers will have no problem telling you anything and they will be totally comfy about answering your queries.

Be prepared for any possible emergency or eventuality by having the number of a recommended gas engineer before you encounter any problems. That way you know you have protection because you have already spoken to them and asked any questions you need to ask.

If you are simply looking to remodel your bathroom or upgrade a boiler and you have plenty time to work out your budget and quotations you can take your time and think about the job. Some companies charge call-out fees or charge you for an estimate of any potential work you want done. Other companies make no charge to assess your job and work out the costs. If you can get a company to break down all the charges including parts, labour and sundries it can help you stay on budget and keep your costs lower.

It is also important that you see certificates to prove that the gas engineer in Chatham is fully accredited and has Gas Safe membership, which is up to date and current. If you need to do further research to determine the qualifications of your potential gas engineer, check the company records and find out how long they have been established, go and meet them in person if needed and see how their business operates. It’s no different to going to a restaurant and checking out the kitchen before you eat the food. It pays to be prudent!

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