Local Venues Add Panache to Your NJ Wedding Photography

A young bride-to-be once said that she didn’t care who did her wedding photography because “If you’ve seen one wedding photo, you’ve seen them all.” Of course, this is not a true statement, but her perception highlights the fact that sometimes wedding photography in NJ can be fairly predictable. One of the ways an expert photographer can create fresh and unique photography is by using venues that are not normally associated with weddings. If you are getting married in NJ, you are especially fortunate, since the NJ area has some fabulous settings for wedding photos.

For example, the NJ Botanical Gardens provide the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos. Though this is a fairly common spot for weddings, a creative photographer can still use the beauty of the space to create unique and breathtaking photos. There is a fee charged for taking pictures in the Gardens, but your photographer will most likely incorporate that fee into the price of your photography session.

A fun and diametrically opposed alternative to the Botanical Gardens is NJ’s Log Cabin Village. It currently features six log houses that date back to the mid-1800’s, along with the beautiful Foster Cabin, a plantation-style log house. Each cabin is furnished with authentic artifacts and displays the different aspects of pioneer life. The juxtaposition of the rustic pioneer setting with modern bridal apparel can create an intriguing, stunning look.

For couples whose families have a longstanding history in NJ and appreciate a Civil War motif, the NJ Civil War Museum can also provide a great setting for weddingphotography. The museum structure offers an architecturally interesting locale for wedding photos with its white pillars and plantation-style façade. Inside the museum are various collections of Civil War artifacts from both private collections and public trusts.

Regardless of your wedding or photography venue, make sure you choose a NJ photographer who will not just give you the same old “seen one, seen them all” wedding photos. Your wedding is special and unique, and your weddingphotography should be the same way. To learn more about professional wedding photographer, visit Limelightent Ertainment.

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