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Liquid Blending Equipment: Types And Applications

If you are in the beverage processing industry, blending ingredients is an essential component of the process. Essentially, two different types of blending occur:

  1. Solid with solids
  2. Solids with liquids

Each requires specific devices to ensure a smooth and quality blend. The right type of liquid blending equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the beverage processing company achieves its production goals.


High-quality liquid blending machinery is available in two basic types. These are:

  1. Conventional tank blending
  2. Inline liquid blending machinery

In-tank blending, tanks act as large mixing bowls. The ingredients are combined in the tank and agitated. Tanks can range from smaller ones – holding around 200 liters to those that are capable of handling close to 100,000 liters. Their purpose is to turn a heterogeneous mixture into something that is homogenous.

Inline liquid blending equipment has the same purpose. However, the method differs. Instead of a tank, the process involves a pipe. The blending occurs within this device.


Blending is a critical component of many industrial companies. Applications do vary as do the preference for one system of blending over the other. Common industrial applications include the following major three:

  • Chemical Processing: This involves the blending together of specialty chemicals to create certain products
  • Food and Beverage Processing: In the preparation of food and beverages, blending plays an important role
  • Pharmaceutical Industries: Certain drugs require the blending of ingredients

These industries benefit from the ability to blend certain ingredients together quickly, accurately, and uniformly.

Liquid Blending Equipment

Today’s processing industries rely on technological know-how to ensure the product they produce conforms to health and safety standards. When blending liquids, they need to also be certain the products retain high-quality and consistency. Companies obtain this goal by choosing the right type of liquid blending equipment for their applications.

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