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Learning What To Expect From Your Eye Exams

For some people, the last real eye exam you had was in elementary school when it was required for you and all your classmates. With the importance of eyesight to your overall health and well being, taking the time to schedule an exam with an eye doctor in San Diego can benefit you by providing you with the care you need to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. If you haven’t been to the eye doctor in a while, here is what you can expect from your eye exam.

When you schedule a comprehensive eye exam, it is going to be similar to going in for your annual physical. The eye doctor in San Diego will likely be using various tools and tests to determine how good (or bad) your eyesight is, and what could be done to help treat any problems that may arise.

Some of the most common procedures performed during eye exam include:
Visual Field Screening – this device is designed to measure how well your entire field of vision is, including both central and peripheral vision. It will map the visual fields of each eye and provide a printout for the technician and eye doctor to analyze.
Tonometry – this is a commonly used test to identify warming sign for glaucoma by testing the pressure inside the eye. It can be done a couple of different ways, including non-contact versions commonly known as a “puff of air” test, or probes operated by the doctor after numbing the area.
Retinoscopy – this procedure is conducted in order to determine what strength prescription you will need, if any. It is relatively painless, using a bright light shone in the eye while the eye doctor in San Diego examines the reflection in your retina.
Refraction – this procedure is done with a device called a phoropter, testing several lenses on your eyes to find the correct one. It can also measure for astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia in your eyes.
Cover Test – this is probably the procedure you remember from elementary school, where you covered one eye and viewed charts or other materials with each eye separately.
Slit Lamp – other common eye diseases can be detected with the use of a small microscope shone in the eyes.

If problems are detected after conducting the routine tests, your eye doctor in San Diego may recommend that you get a mild prescription, a strong prescription, or some other measure to correct any visions problems you may have. Whether you get a prescription or not, it’s important to schedule regular annual eye exams for the future.

When you are in need of an eye doctor in San Diego, searching for the right one is important. Getting the best care from an eye doctor in San Diego can keep your eyes healthy now and in the future.

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