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Learning About an Electric Pallet Jack in Los Angeles

When it comes to warehouse duties or any situation where pallets are needing to be moved, a business will be faced with the option of purchasing forklifts or pallet jacks. Many warehouses have a combination of both. However, in retail spaces using a pallet jack is safer for customers and products in the store. One type of pallet jack that has become extremely popular is an Electric Pallet Jack in Los Angeles.

Steering the Pallet Jack

While a manual pallet jack will use hydraulics to help lift the pallet and move it about. An electric pallet jack, while also hydraulics to lift the jack, but it also uses electric motors to move the jack back and forth and from side to side.

In essence, the user of the electric pallet jack will be steering the unit once the pallet has been successfully lifted. While manual pallet jacks offer a great deal of steering, and because of the long forks can offset heavier weights, it can still be difficult to maneuver a manual pallet jack when a heavy pallet is in tow.

Weight Limitations

The important thing a business will need to consider is the use they will have for an Electric Pallet Jack in Los Angeles. Many times, these jacks can maneuver pallets that have over 5000 pounds of materials. However, most pallet jacks are limited to around 6000 pounds. Anything heavier will require a forklift.

Charging Times

It’s also important to consider how long an electric pallet jack will operate on a single charge. Many times, these pallet jacks can work for many hours. The more service it gets, the shorter the charge time will last.

Walking or Riding Pallet Jacks

A decision will need to be made as to whether a walking pallet jack is appropriate or if the business needs to go with a riding pallet jack. Riding units are a bit more robust in terms of the features that they provide. However, much like a forklift, they may not be ideal for customer spaces, and better suited for a warehouse environment.

As you can see, there are many things to consider. If your business has determined that an electric pallet jack is the right option, you may want to check out Selectequipment.com to take a look at all of your choices.

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