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Learning About Orthodontics and How the Practice Differs From Dentistry

Dentists are one of the most common medical service providers in the United States. They recommend that people stop by and get their teeth professional cleaned once or twice per year, during which they also check for oral problems before they become major issues. Just like there are general practitioner physicians and their specialized counterparts, the field of dentistry also has specializations. One of the most common subfields of dentistry is that of orthodontics. Let’s try to learn a few things about the basics of orthodontics.

The length of orthodontic treatment to align the positioning of teeth and jaws always differs. Some people respond more favorably to changes than others, and some people’s mouths are simply much more out of whack than others. Only an orthodontist will be able to reasonably, accurately estimate how long you’ll need braces. It really does differ on a person-by-person basis.

As you know, braces are permanently fitted on teeth. Even if you’ve had braces for a while and your teeth have seemed straight and free of misalignments and misplacements for many months, you’ll need to wear retainers to secure the position of your recently brace-free grill after getting them taken off.

Some people have chronically stuffed sinuses because their jaws and teeth aren’t in the right place. Orthodontists can fix such issues as well as those in which people can’t chew certain foods very well or otherwise use their teeth as normal. Not all breathing issues can be fixed through orthodontic treatment in Palm Coast, but consulting an ortho about your issues isn’t a bad idea.

Although orthodontists can certainly pull teeth, such responsibilities are often left in the hands of general dentists as opposed to providers of orthodontic treatment in Palm Coast. Instead of pulling teeth, orthodontists use things like brackets, nylon bands, roof-of-mouth spreaders and more to get teeth and jaws in working order.

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