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Learning about Back Hip Pain Treatment in Racine, WI

People who suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and lupus may find they have pain that seems to be in one part of the body, but is actually coming from another. An example of this is when a person presents with hip pain which is actually coming from the back. Thus, the condition could actually be called back hip pain. There is a doctor who provides Back Hip Pain Treatment in Racine WI and gives insight to patients with this type of problem.

When trying to diagnose the pain in the hip or the back, it must be understood that the pain is mostly due to the body’s wear and tear over time. The fact is, back problems often appear to be hip problems. There are ways; however, to tell the difference. If a person is truly experiencing back problems, the pain presents itself in the spine. The pain usually ends up stemming from a herniated disc, which leads to sciatica. Such symptoms include pain shooting down the leg, mainly present in the rear, the back or the hip, and an increase in pain when sitting or bending.

If a person is experiencing pain with the hip, it might be osteoarthritis. Such symptoms that indicate this include walking with a limp, pain in the groin and painful discomfort that comes and goes. Treatment for problems in the hip or the back will be handled by the primary care doctor, who may send the patient to physical therapy or prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The recommended treatment will also include continuing with activity as much as possible.

Family Foot and Ankle Clinics have surgical and non-surgical treatment available for patients who have problems with back pain, hip pain or both. Some of the conditions they treat are arthritis of the foot and ankle, hammertoes, diabetic foot ulcers, skin conditions and problems with pain in the hip or back.

For the past 75 years, the doctors have been treating the patients in the southeastern Wisconsin area. For Back Hip Pain Treatment in Racine WI, visit the website at http://familyfootclinics.com/. On the website, go to the link that says “you can try here.”


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