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Learn About a Typical Spider Vein Removal in Los Angeles

Spider veins are blood vessels located near the thin sections of the skin. These veins look highly visible in fair-skinned individuals and appear mostly on legs and arms. The unsightly veins branch out like tree branches and some veins pop out through the skin. Unless you want to stay covered up all summer, find an expert who specializes in the spider vein removal in Los Angeles.

What Causes Spider Veins?

A variety of conditions causes spider veins, such as acne, chemotherapy, and Sturge-Weber syndrome. In the past, people thought that high blood pressure caused the veins to appear. Now, people link the problem to venous reflux disease. People who sit for long periods of time are likely to develop this problem, too. Also, pregnancy and excessive steroid use are additional causes.

What Treats These Veins?

Lasers are sometimes used to treat veins, but sclerotherapy is the preferred method. The practitioner inserts sclerosant medication into the affected vein until it fades out of sight. You may need several treatment sessions done until you see good results.

Polidocanol and hypertonic saline are two solutions that are commonly used in the injections. The typical treatment session lasts from 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the number of veins treated. Before the procedure, patients are encouraged to avoid certain drugs, such as aspirin and antibiotics. Every major cosmetic procedure has side effects, so know the risks before you seek any kind of treatment.

Sclerotherapy patients may develop minor side effects, such as burns, bruises, and tingling sensations, but all of these symptoms are transient. They are encouraged to avoid getting their skin into contact with hot water or strong chemicals. The development of serious complications is not common. Although strokes and deep vein thrombosis have occurred in some people, the procedure is safe for most people.

After you receive a spider vein removal, avoid obstructing the skin in this treated area and continue your activities as normal. You should place compression wraps around the skin to keep the pressure under control.

Some patients complain about their veins reappearing weeks or months after the procedure. In that case, they should strongly consider getting numerous treatments. It is possible that the practitioner did not perform the job properly and injected the substances into surrounding tissues instead of the affected blood vessels.

Contact a Professional to Treat Your Spider Veins

A spider vein removal is a quick, relatively pain-free procedure that removes unsightly veins found anywhere on your body. You may need frequent treatments to see long-lasting results, but the results are guaranteed if you work with a licensed professional. You want to check out the practitioner and learn more about the operation before you become a patient.

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