Lawyers Help Clients Achieve Fair Workers Compensation Settlements in Macomb County, MI

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Law

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The worker’s comp program is a statewide insurance requirement that provides medical treatment, wage replacement, vocational rehab, and more benefits to workers who are hurt on the job. It can be difficult to negotiate a worker’s compensation claim, and many people make serious mistakes. By recognizing and learning how to avoid the mistakes listed here, a claimant can put themselves in the best position to get fair workers compensation settlements in Macomb County MI.

Failure to Seek Prompt Medical Treatment

Seeking immediate treatment is the basis of a successful worker’s compensation claim. Most insurers assume that, if a person does not get prompt treatment, the injuries are minor. In an emergency, a victim should ask someone to take them to the ER or an urgent care center.

Forgetting to Document the Details of the Accident

For the greatest chance at success, the victim should document the details of the accident. As time goes by, it may become hard to remember the precise details of an event. However, writing down what went on before, during, and after the accident can prevent such mistakes. If there were witnesses, the victim should note their names and contact info as well as their versions of the event. All of this info can help in achieving favorable Workers Compensation Settlements in Macomb County MI.

Not Reporting the Incident to the Employer

It is important for an injured worker to report the incident to his or her employer as soon as possible, but the report should not be verbal. Bosses can easily dispute a verbal report, but email, phone calls, and text messages can serve as documentation. Keep the employer informed as to the worker’s recovery and treatment, and don’t wait to file a report.

Not Hiring a Qualified Worker’s Compensation Attorney

While a claim involving a minor injury may not require the hiring of a worker’s compensation attorney, a complex or serious injury case can benefit from a lawyer’s assistance. For the claim’s success, a victim should hire an attorney who focuses on worker’s compensation law. Victims should click here to hire a lawyer who has handled and won similar cases in the past.

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