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The Latest Trends In Wireless Security In Maui

The information a company possesses is one of its greatest assets, and an organization has a responsibility to keep any data safe and free from outside threats such as hackers and others who seek to obtain information fraudulently. Wireless networks have increased how efficiently data is accessed, but it comes with increased risk of outside threats. A company that offers Wireless Security in Maui will design and implement a network structure that will preserve the information a company relies on and help prevent it from ending up in the hands of hackers.

Local Access Network

Companies that manage several locations or that utilize a wireless network that consists of several wireless access points know the struggles associated with keeping their data safe. A local access network is a private information highway that is only accessible when a computer is directly connected to the local network. It also serves to function as a bridge between multiple locations and allows employees to work in a more streamlined manner.

Virtual Private Network

The internet now allows employees to work remotely from any location where they have a reliable internet connection. The problem is that allowing external connections often increases external threats. A virtual private network adds a layer of protection by requiring users to connect to a local access network via multi-stage authentication. A VPN ensures that only individuals with the proper credentials will have access to any data stored on a server.

Dedicated Firewall Servers

Most business computers come with a firewall that helps to prevent traffic from gaining access to locally stored data. While useful, it does nothing to help increase the overall safety of any data that is stored on a server. A dedicated firewall is a third party software solution that monitors a network for unauthorized access and terminates any connections that appear to be threatening in nature.

The growing surge of online threats means Wireless Security in Maui is a top priority for every business. The team at Envision Networked Solutions will develop a system that will meet the needs of a company now and in the future. Check out Envisionns.com to learn more about the options available and stop cyber threats before disaster strikes.

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