Large Format Printing in Hawaii Will Bring Your Vision to Life Jan10


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Large Format Printing in Hawaii Will Bring Your Vision to Life

A large format printer is a specialized piece of technology that prints widths between 18″ and 100″. Finding a printing company in Hawaii with these very expensive computer-controlled printing machines is not easy. But a large format printer can do some surprising things for your home or business.

What Can a Large Format Printer Do?

Large format printers are ideal for printing promotional banners, trade show graphics, posters for your business. Likewise, it can handle printing custom designed murals and wallpaper for your home or business. Vehicle wraps, architectural drawings, and construction plans, or even the backgrounds for TV and theatrical sets, the possibilities are endless when it comes to large format printing.

How Does a Wide Format Printing Work?

Wide-format printers generally use some type of toner or inkjet technology to print the desired images. It’s often cheaper when compared to other printing methods such as screen printing; the cost depends on the size and the number of prints, as well as what type of material is to be printed.

Wide-format printers usually print onto rolls that are fed slowly into the printer, rather than printing onto individual sheets. A wide format printer can handle a variety of print media.

Whether it’s to promote your business with eye-catching banners and signs, or decorating your home or business with unique murals and wallpaper, a print shop that uses wide-format printers can really bring your ideas to life.

If you need a large format printing company in Hawaii visit Hon Graphics.

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