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Landscape Maintenance in Spokane Includes Seasonal Maintenance on Sprinkler Systems

A service for landscape maintenance in Spokane that installs, maintains and repairs irrigation systems can winterize the system for property owners. Some homeowners treat this as a do-it-yourself project, but many don’t want the hassle. The main task that needs to be performed involves blowing the water out of the system with an air compressor, so the water inside doesn’t freeze, expand and break any of the equipment. Homeowners are usually already familiar with needing to remove hoses from outdoor spigots before winter, so the faucet doesn’t freeze; this project has the same purpose but requires more work. There are other ways to drain the system, but the air compressor method is a commonly used solution.

When technicians from a service for Landscape Maintenance in Spokane do this task, they may blow the water out of each zone separately. The sprinkler heads pop up, and a small amount of water shoots out. Some amount of precision is necessary since it’s hard on the system to continue blowing air inside when no water is there. Technicians may do a relatively brief water removal technique, then wait for any residual water to settle, after which they repeat the procedure with the air compressor.

The technicians from a service such as Spokane ProCare also shut off the timer or set the system to rain mode. They turn off the water to the system, and they insulate the shut-off valve and other valves with foam and plastic as well. They may remove some connection wires to prevent any unintentional activation, but they usually don’t want to turn off the electricity to the system because it would need to be reprogrammed in spring.

If the homeowner would prefer for the system’s power to be turned off, the technicians can do the reprogramming when they return to get the sprinklers ready for spring watering. Before starting the warm weather watering, it’s a good idea to have the system cleaned, so it works more efficiently. It also should last longer with annual cleanings. The technicians check for any broken parts and replace them, and make sure everything is functioning properly. Contact us to schedule any type of residential sprinkler system maintenance service.

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