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Know Your Dentist

Have you ever looked at your dentist’s card and wondered what the DDS Glenpool or DMD on their title stands for? Worry no more. We’ve got you covered on that. They are both acronyms of the degrees that dentists get after completing dental school. In full, they mean Doctor of Dental Surgery and Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, respectively.

What is the difference?

While the acronyms may sound different, they both mean the same thing. Your dentist went to an accredited school and completed their course in dentistry. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), dentists with a DDS or DMD receive the same rigorous education. They both use the same curriculum requirements set by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

However, different institutions have the prerogative to determine which degree to award. The State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and licensed dentists under any of the two titles are allowed to practice general dentistry.

Level of Education and Clinical Training

So, how many years of rigorous education do dentists go through to earn the title? Dental schools typically require a four-year undergraduate training, then four years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist.

Dental school involves classroom training, where dental students spend two years studying biomedical sciences, including pharmacology, biochemistry, and pathology. Then, in the last two years, they focus on clinical and dental laboratory training.

Upon completion of dental school, dentists must pass a rigorous national written examination called the National Board Dental Examination, closely followed by a regional clinical board examination. That is not all. To receive their license to practice in a particular state, dentists must also ace a jurisprudence exam about the state laws.

Finally, they must meet continuing education requirements for the remainder of their careers to stay up to date with the latest clinical and scientific advancements.

With the extensive education and vetting requirements, you can be sure that you are in very capable hands if you visit any DDS dentist in Glenpool.

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