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Kinds of Body Massage in Albuquerque NM

Body Massage in Albuquerque NM is an ancient technique can provide you with many benefits. It uses the hands or elbows to manipulate soft tissue for a healing affect. One benefit of body massages is the reduction of stress. Massages relieve tension by improving oxygen and blood flow. Extra stress causes muscles to tense. Other benefits of a full body massage include better flexibility, decrease in pain, improved sleep, and better immunity to illness. There are various kinds of massage techniques.

A deep tissue massage works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It can include many motions, but the massage can be intense because its goal is to relieve chronic tension patterns. A therapist may use finger, elbows, or palms to apply pressure. Since it is tense, some patients may feel soreness after first the session, but this should gradually go away. The goal of Swedish massage is to improve circulation and relieve tension. It uses various types of strokes to ease muscle pain. One common stroke is rolling. Skin rolling includes taking a fold of skin and rolling it forward. Another type of stroke used in Swedish massages is pinpoint pressure. These strokes target knotted areas painful to touch.

A hot stone massage involves the use of heated stones. The therapist pays attention to changes in body temperature and breathing rates. The rocks are heated in hot water to around 120F-150F degrees. Native American practiced this massage except they heated stones over fire. Volcanic basalt rocks are commonly used because of their ability to absorb and hold heat. A sports massage is applied for treatment or prevention of injuries or pain from sports. Its purpose is to help athletes improve their performance and improve range of motion. This technique is a variation of Swedish massage. There are several types of sports massages: pre-event, post-event, rehabilitation, and restoration. Pre-event and post-event focus on massage prior or after playing at an event. Rehabilitation massages treat injuries and restorative massages are used for an athlete in training.

Most anyone can benefit from full Body Massage in Albuquerque NM. However, there are types of massages that should not be attempted by people with certain health conditions. Only a doctor knows what massages will be beneficial. For more information visit https://zion-wellness.com/

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