Key Tips for Ensuring a House Sells Quickly in the Moore, OK, Area

Sometimes selling a house right away is the preferred option. Sell my house fast Moore, OK, who specialize in short-notice sales are in the market to buy a home quickly without extra terms like inspections, closing costs, cleaning repairs, showings or commissions. The process simply relies on an agreed price, the seller’s chosen closing date and retrieving the check.

How Do I Ensure I Sell My House Fast in Moore, OK?

The following are some tips on maximizing chances for a quick sale:

Avoid Traditional Financing

This can create delays of 30 to 45 days before closing. Traditional financing is typically used by buyers interested in living in the house, and delays can increase the chances of one of their lenders backing out. Quick-sale buyers often use cash, have existing bank-backed funding with loans that close in two or three weeks, and they use private lenders looking to invest.

Pick a Reasonable Price

Prices can’t be the maximum for quick sales. A good way to gauge a price that will attract buyers is research through Redlin or Zillow or the county assessor and by checking other nearby asking prices to see the house’s value and the asking and recently-sold prices for comparable neighborhood houses. To stand out, the house’s price should be lower than all of them.

Market Everywhere

A house should have 25 accurate photos and listings everywhere to give it every chance to make a sale. Places to list include:

  • Free online portals for selling homes, like Zillow or Trulia
  • Craigslist, which is free
  • Free Facebook sales groups
  • MLS for a $100 to $200 fee to a licensed real estate agent

Talk to a Home Buying Company

Home buyers specializing in quick purchases buy houses nearly weekly. Some of the benefits of this option are:

  • Guaranteed Finance
  • Completely As-Is Sales – no repairs or remodling are needed.
  • No Cleaning – anything from appliances to clothes can be left behind.
  • No Extra Closing Costs – they cover all the costs and pay the seller the complete, agreed-upon amount.
  • Seller’s Closing Date – it could be weeks or months from now.

Who to Call to Sell My House Fast in Moore, OK

Homebuyers in Moore OK specialize in making purchases with minimal notice or preparation. It’s their business. They have top teams with extensive experience. Whether an Oklahoma City-area home sale involves foreclosure, repairs or divorce, homebuyers handle the paperwork, buy the home quickly and pay cash. Call W Properties at (000) 000-0000 or visit us today.

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