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Key Reasons to Upgrade to Energy-efficient Grain Dryers in Oregon

Different types of grains such as wheat, rice, soybean, corn, sunflower seeds, sorghum, oats, and barley are dried in grain dryers. Simply put, grain drying is the removal of some levels of moisture from grain through mechanically moving air across the grain after being harvested. This process is performed as a condition for safe grain storage in an effort to stop microbial growth. Therefore, farm owners need to have an efficient grain dryer in order to maximize on their grain harvest and stop spoilage. Here are some of the reasons farmers should upgrade their older models into modern Grain Dryers in Oregon.

Energy Efficiency

A key aspect to consider pertaining to any fuel-consuming equipment is its energy efficiency. Older grain dryers are not efficient in maximizing the use of fuel. Upgrading to a new dryer significantly lowers the fuel consumption rate on a farm because of its superior energy efficiency. When looking for new drying equipment, pay attention to the energy efficiency levels of the model. Often, newer models are far more energy efficient compared to older grain drying equipment.

Cost Savings

Upgrading to energy-efficient equipment automatically translates into cost savings on the user’s monthly utility bills. Moreover, the quality of the harvested grain is improved through an efficient grain drying process by minimizing exposure to climatic conditions. Ultimately, quality grains fetch good money. Compared to other types, mixed-flow grain dryers consume less energy while in operation, making them arguably the most economical equipment option. The money pocketed through these energy cost savings can be diverted to other crucial areas in the farm.

Purchase Incentives

Purchasing Grain Dryers in Oregon allows farmers to save in different ways. Besides reducing costs on monthly energy expenses, the Propane Farm Incentive Program provides incentives to farmers to buy new propane-fueled equipment. These incentives can total up to five thousand dollars. Farm owners can enroll in this excellent program by filling out an online application.

Farm owners in Oregon who are looking to upgrade to an energy-efficient grain dryer have every reason to do so. They can reach out to a reputable supplier today. Contact us for any inquiries.

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