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Keeping Your Company Trucks in Compliance with Weight Limit Laws

Trucking companies can make sure that they are meeting the weight guideline of being less than 34,000 pounds when fully loaded by purchasing their own truck scales from a scale supplier in their regional area. In addition to avoiding fines for having truck loads that are too heavy, the main benefit for trucking companies to have their own truck scales is that they only have to pay one time for the purchase cost of whatever the scale is. This saves the constant fees of having to pay truck stations for weighing the trailers. This is also more time efficient, because trucking companies will save a ton of time in not having to drive back and forth to the weigh stations. Time is money where businesses are concerned. To find the perfect scale for your trucking business, contact a scale company in Williamsport representative who can give assistance with helping you to learn about the different types of scales that are available for purchase. They will be more than happy to help.

Finding the Right Scale That Meets the Needs of Your Trucking Company

With new technology being developed over the last several years, scales for trucks have been introduced that are high-profile and able to handle large amounts of weight, to where they can be used by individual companies. They are built with precision methods, so you can always count on having accurate scale readings. All scales are different, so you will need to talk to a scale salesman before you make a purchase. You will need their input to ensure that you are getting scales that are right for your intended use. Most truck scales will come with a warranty, but the warranty will be voided if you use the scale for anything other than what it is recommended for.

What is the Purpose of Roadside Truck Weighing Stations?

Anyone who has ever traveled down U.S. interstates will probably have passed by multiple truck weighing stations. These stations have multiple purposes, but their primary purpose is to ensure that trucks are not exceeding maximum weight allowances that are stipulated by law. This is incredibly important, because trucks that are overloaded are setting themselves up for accidents if they are unable to stop in time to avoid a collision. Interstate and highway traffic moves very fast, so even a couple of seconds’ difference in stopping time could mean the difference between being able to prevent a wreck and being involved in one. These weigh stations also serve to calculate taxes that are imposed on certain trucks. Truck tax is typically calculated based on the type of goods being shipped, and how much they weigh.

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