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There are a lot of different Microsoft services and products. This glut of choice is a wonderful thing, but can be difficult. It can be hard for the owner of a small business to know what’s right for them. Unfortunately tech sites and even the Wikipedia pages tend to be written by energetic young people with computer science degrees who don’t realize how densely they’ve written. To someone without great knowledge of computers, sentences containing too many bits of jargon and shorthand can become unreadable. Even if the author tries to explain what they are up front the jargon is essentially a new language. Ram, Rom, and SQL are meaningless letters until you’ve learned not just the translation but what they mean at a core level. Jargon in general has that effect, until you’ve internalized the meaning it’s easy to lose track of what’s right and wrong with a given sentence. For example, even if you know that SQL is a server type best for databases, and RAM (random access memory) is operating memory a sentence like: “Your computer doesn’t have enough RAM for the CPU to take proper advantage of the SQL” is largely meaningless. This is why more businesses and services are turning to professional help and advice to set up their systems. No matter where you live be it a crowded metropolis like New York or an isolated town in Alaska you’ll be able to find IT people willing to help you and your small business.

There is no shame in admitting you don’t know how to build a server, or even pick the right one out. Talking to sales people runs the problems related to commissions and up-sales. When you’re talking to IT people, it’s important to remember, they don’t care what you buy because they don’t get a percentage, they know your return business will be important. So the incentive structure is not towards the up-sell, but instead towards the happy customer. And if you’re asking for help picking the right system, realistically you’re going to need their help setting it up. Ideally you should be able to find a company that will not only help you set your server up, but can train you so you don’t have to call them every time you want to use a work group server’s directory functions to distribute software to your employees. Most likely you’ll want to run a Microsoft server; you’re most familiar with its OS.

Thankfully most companies will offer a wide array of Microsoft services, repair, maintenance and even education.
It might seem odd that an IT company would offer services for Microsoft servers like education, but the reason is simple, even though they might lose some business if you aren’t constantly calling in the IT guy in for every update, having you as a loyal customer helps insure when something goes wrong, and let’s be honest, something will go wrong, they’re your first call. The weakest point of any network is its worst user, so if you have one person who obstinately refuses to learn basic policy of what they should and shouldn’t use work computers for and is persistent enough to find a way to download their favorite little extension or application regardless of your efforts, you know you’ll have to call the IT people in to clean off the attached Malware. Regardless where you live, tropical Miami or arctic Alaska, talking to a good IT company and arranging meetings to help you pick out and then set up a Microsoft services to make your company more efficient and better.

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