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Keeping Gutters Clear: Gutter Guards in Connecticut

Gutters are important for directing water away from the foundation of a home but, in order to be effective, they need to stay clean and in good repair. It is not uncommon for leaves, sticks, and other debris to fill a gutter and cause it to backup or even break.

Regular cleaning can prevent this type of worry, but it can be a hassle to climb up and down ladders to perform this maintenance task. Some homeowners, particularly older individuals, lack the physical ability to do this type of work. This makes it necessary for them to have to pay for gutter cleaning repeatedly through the year or take the risk of doing it themselves.

Something that can reduce the frequency of gutter cleanings and save people time and money is gutter guards. Gutter Guards in CT are designed to prevent debris from clogging the gutter. The keep gutters clean and clear longer and may even lengthen the life of the gutter itself.
Gutter guards are made of either covers or screens. There are several different guard designs available. There are some that are mesh, some made from foam, and others are constructed of nylon. Each is used to prevent foreign material from entering the gutter and causing it to clog. Nylon gutters are designed to protect against snow and ice, while most others are made to deflect leaves and sticks.

Gutter Guards in CT are not foolproof, and the gutters will still need to be cleaned occasionally. The guards will reduce how often the cleanings are required and may eliminate the need for gutters to be removed during winter months to prevent damage from snow and ice.

If you need your gutters repaired or guards installed in your home, contact V. Nanfito Roofing and Siding Inc. Their technicians can install new gutters for your home as well as repair or replace any damaged sections. They can also install high-quality guards to help keep your new installation safe and your gutters clear. Contact them to learn more about the products they offer or to get an estimate on a project for your home.

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