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Keeping Employees Safe Around A Commercial Waste Disposal Container

When a company has a Commercial Waste Disposal container on their property, there will be a need to keep employees on the premises safe when using it. There are several steps a business owner can take to ensure employees are not at risk of injury when they are throwing away refuse. Here are some tips that will decrease the likelihood of a medical problem when using a dumpster.

Place The Dumpster In A Safe Location

It is a good idea to place the waste disposal container in an area where it will be not be dangerous to those on the property. A dumpster should be placed on a flat portion of the business’ property. An asphalt or cement surface is best. This will aid in keeping the dumpster from tipping over. If possible, place the container away from the view of customers and inside a fenced area so those who are not permitted to use it will not be able to gain easy access to it.

Make Sure Employees Know What To Leave Out Of The Container

A list of hazardous items to keep out of the container should be given to each employee who will using the container. Alert employees there is to be no smoking near the dumpster so a fire does not start. Chemical agents, tires, batteries, and flammable materials should not be placed inside of the dumpster for safety reasons.

Keep Items Inside From Becoming A Hazard To Others

Items should not be stacked in one portion of a dumpster. This could cause uneven weight within the container, possibly causing it to tip over. It is also best to call the waste disposal service to remove a dumpster when the contents appear to be getting full. Do not allow the accumulate so it is higher than the rim of the container, as this could cause someone to become injured should something fall out.

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