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Keeping Birds Off Air Conditioning Units in Manassas VA

If someone has trouble with birds making nests on one of their air conditioning units in Manassas, VA, they will want to take the necessary steps in stopping this from occurring. Birds can cause damage to a unit, possible making it unusable when warmer weather makes it a prime time to use it. To avoid the risk of having a broken unit, steps can be taken to keep birds away from it altogether.

If possible, remove the air conditioner from the window and store it in an appropriate location until it is needed again. If it is a stationary unit, it will need to be protected from the elements outdoors. When the air conditioning unit is not in use, the portion on the exterior of the home should be wrapped with plastic, so birds do not leave droppings or nesting material in the vent area.

Placing a piece of cardboard or a wooden board over the unit at a diagonal position can help keep birds away. If they try to land upon this barrier, they will slide off, making it no longer an attractive area to set up residence.

Birds are scared of shiny objects. After covering the exterior of the air conditioner with plastic, use aluminum wrap to cover it. This will make birds less likely to get close. Place some small mirrors on top of the unit to make the area even less attractive. Hang a few compact disks from a neighboring tree to keep creatures away from the unit as well.

Consider using a noise-emitting device to keep birds away from the area. These can be purchased online or from a hardware store and are easily installed. The noise will not be heard by humans. It will keep smaller animals and birds away from the unit.

If someone needs more tips to keep birds off air conditioning units in Manassas VA, they can call an air conditioning repair service in the area. Click here to find a professional service to make repairs to an air conditioner that has been the victim of a bird nesting incident. A specialist will take a look at the unit and make any necessary fixes.

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