Keep Vacation Photos Where You Can See Them

So you finally managed to make that long-desired trip to Maui, or perhaps your sister just came back from an eco-retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica, with reams of gorgeous pictures in tow. Maybe you and your new husband returned from a European honeymoon with some stunning memories, all recorded on film for posterity. Why in the world would you stop at transferring these wonderful photos into an album that you’ll pull out once every decade? Transfer a photo to canvas, turn it into a poster, or even use magnets to attach your favorite shots to the fridge. Just don’t bury them. Here are some simple ideas for keeping your travel memories on display.

  • Change a photo to a memento. Nowadays you can transfer a photo onto everything from a mousepad to a keychain to a dog blanket.
  • Instead of just tacking up a few select photos from your trip, why not go whole hog? Cover every inch of your refrigerator door (or closet door, or any flat surface you like) with shots of your travels, so each time you reach in for a snack, you can savor the memories of those hole-in-the-wall culinary discoveries.
  • Make a poster. It’s relatively easy – and cheap – to order photo enlargements that make excellent wall décor. For variety, make a few midsize prints of different locales and hang them as a group. Or choose a particularly splendid shot to transfer photo to canvas to hang over your mantel.
  • For a slightly more elegant variation on the photo-to-poster theme, transfer a photo to canvas. Canvas reproductions of dazzling landscapes, flowers, or vistas are just as visually arresting as printed reproductions and can cost far less.


  • For the cost of absolutely nothing, make your vacation photos into a slideshow screensaver for your PC.


  • If you’re truly adventurous, you can wallpaper a room with memories. Just be prepared to live with those memories for a long, long time.


  • Of course, if albums are your thing, then go that route. But try leaving the album where you and your visitors can open it up from time to time – a coffee table, entryway shelf, or near the telephone.

Vacations are often great experiences, full of memories that you work hard to preserve. But an album of digital photos that you never look at is a sure way to forget some of the best times of your life. Whether you decide to make a permanent collage, transfer photo to canvas, or just keep a few on your fridge, it’s worth keeping your memories where you can see them.

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