How to Keep Your Chewing Tobacco Fresher, Longer

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Electronic Cigarettes

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One of the top qualities of good chewing tobacco is moistness. Without it, it’s difficult to enjoy the product. Unfortunately, some packing styles that chewing tobacco is sold in – such as the traditional tin – make keeping your chewing tobacco moist very difficult.

Here are a few tips for preserving the texture and flavor of your chewing tobacco – and therefore getting more for your money!

An Apple a Day

Many frequent users of chewing tobacco recommend placing a slice of apple into your tin along with the tobacco. The same science works for food products like bread; this will help keep your tobacco moist for much longer than it would be able to remain on its own. A thin slice of potato will do the same, but the result will typically be much less palatable.

If you do not want the flavor of either of these food products to transfer to your tobacco, try wrapping the apple or potato slice in tinfoil and poking the surface all over. Add it to your tin the same way, resulting in extended freshness without a transfer of tastes.

Proper Packaging

Another great insurance policy for the texture and flavor of your tobacco is proper packaging. You may think that when you buy your chewing tobacco in the tin, it’s already sufficiently packaged. However, most users will open their tin frequently – and many tins are either not airtight or not made of the kind of material that is necessary to preserve the integrity of the tobacco.

What you line your tin with is what truly matters. Wherever you find chewing tobacco for sale, ask about thin plastic liners for your tins. Many brands have started offering these as a standard feature instead of waxed or plain paper liners, but if your favorite brand doesn’t, you can typically purchase them separately. Yes, it’s an additional investment, but you stand to preserve your tobacco product much longer with the help of these tiny bags.

For more information on preserving your tobacco products and for bags, liners, and other products you might need, consult the experts wherever you find chewing tobacco for sale near you.

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