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Jazz Moments Come Alive Through Sylvia Brooks

From Actress to Los Angeles’s Musical Force

Sylvia Brooks is one of the best female jazz singers that performs throughout Los Angeles. Her musical style turns classic pieces into emotional grooves that ease the minds of her fans. Sylvia started off as a theatrical actress that was very familiar with the great works of Shakespeare, Shaw, and Chekov. Unfortunately, her love for performing as a theatrical actress had to be channeled into a different direction when she broke her knee at a dance class. Brooks was distraught after the physician informed her that she would never dance again after her surgery.

Sylvia did not let this stop her from taking on the world of performing. She tried other outlets like episodic television. This is where she started to understand what she could tolerate. Then, it hit her, she had been connected to a special kind of art her entire life. Something had been re-awakened.

Her Inspiration Behind Her Music

Sylvia’s father was a very talented jazz musician before he passed away. Sylvia was taking a walk down memory lane while listening to music that was played at his funeral, and she suddenly got a beautiful idea to become a jazz singer. Since then, she has appeared on charts to really claim her spot as one of the Best Female Jazz Singers. She has recorded multiple albums and created three original pieces that have given her recognition as Female Jazz Singers Initial SEO : 07-20-2018. Brooks is a singer who likes to incorporate her performing abilities within her every move. She embraces the rhythm and melodic feeling flowing through her body just like she used to with Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter. This means that Sylvia has always been and will never be destroyed.

Listen to Sylvia and Female Jazz Singers on various stations to experience her talent and love for performing.

• KCSB- Santa Barbara, CA

• KRFC –Fort Collins, CO

• KSDS- San Diego, CA

• KUVO- Denver, CO

Jazz From Galley 41- Internet/ San Francisco, CA

• WWPV- Burlington, VT

• WEFT Champaign, IL

• KSJS San Jose, CA

• WEAA- Baltimore, MD

• WWNO- New Orleans, LA

• HPR-2/ KIPO- Honolulu, HI

• WRTI Philadelphia, PA

• WUSF- Tampa, FL

• WPFW- Washington, DC

• WNCU Durham, NC

For even more information about Sylvia Brooks, please contact Sylvia Brooks.

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