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Jaguar Repair and the Health of Your Brakes

One of the most important components of any car is its brakes. Without properly working brakes, your car is in vital danger of a serious car accident. If you own a Jaguar, you probably guessed the parts, including brakes, are rather expensive, but this does not mean you should avoid inspecting and repairing or replacing them. While there are a few steps you can take on your own to inspect your brakes, chances are you will need Jaguar repair to properly repair your brakes.

The Rotors

It is possible to inspect your brake rotors on your own. This should be done every six months to ensure there are no defects and could save you money on inspection in the long run. Even an untrained eye can look for grooves or other out of the ordinary marks on the rotors. In addition, you should also inspect the color of the rotors. If there is any discoloration, your brakes might be overheating. If this is suspected, obtain the help of a mechanic right away.

Brake Pads

You can inspect your brake pads for uneven wearing or other defects as well. The first sign of anything out of the ordinary should be brought in for Jaguar repair. Look for signs, such as cracks, pits or uneven scoring in the area where the friction occurs. Discuss the need to replace the pads and possibly the rotors with your mechanic.


Not all brake problems need to be inspected visually. If you hear strange sounds when you press on your Jaguar’s brakes, you should consult with a reputable mechanic. Listen for noises that do not typically occur, such as high-pitched squeaks or pulsing noises when you press solidly on the brake, as well as grinding noises. All these noises can be a sign of serious trouble, including worn pads or rotors, each of which need to be replaced right away to keep you and your car safe.

The brakes on your Jaguar are an important component to proper functioning. Even if you are not well versed in how cars work, you can inspect your Jaguar’s brakes visually to look for any large areas of wear and tear. Any discoloration or worn down areas need to be brought in for Jaguar repair right away. The right mechanic will be able to inspect your brakes and determine if they need to be repaired to preserve your safety.

For more information about Jaguar repair and when your brakes need to be replaced, visit Top Line Diagnostics online or call 1-703-455-5190.

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