Is there a difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance? May16


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Is there a difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance?

Many drivers only opt for the minimum insurance cover that their state allows; others prefer to add collision and comprehensive coverage to their policies. Collision and comprehensive auto insurance in Wichita KS protects the vehicles much more than the state minimum does in certain situations. Comprehensive insurance is the recommended cover as it is effective in a wide range of situations, everything that is nor collision oriented really. The two forms of cover, collision and comprehensive are often bundled although it is possible to purchase them individually.

There are cases where both collision and comprehensive cover is a pre-requisite as is the case with cars which are financed. When you borrow money to purchase a car the lender will almost always demand that collision and comprehensive cover be included in case the vehicle is totally wrecked while there is still a lien on the vehicle. In this way, there will be money made available by the insurance company to satisfy the outstanding balance of the loan. Normally a lender will need to see your proof of full insurance before the loan is approved.

The coverage:

Comprehensive insurance covers everything but collision, collision as the name implies covers drivers in case of an accident involving another vehicle, object, person or the road surface. It does not matter who is at fault, collision insurance will cover the driver of the insured auto, it also provides for towing fees, storage and salvage if the car is damaged badly. If the car is badly damaged, collision insurance will pay for the repair or replacement unless it can be proven that the accident was a result of improper maintenance.

Fire, theft, vandalism, weather damage and other similar events are covered by compressive insurance. Rarely does comprehensive auto insurance Wichita KS cover vandalism if the vandal was a family member or employee nor does it cover acts of God.

In the case of both collision and comprehensive insurance, there are a number of issues that determine the annual premium. Usually the number of miles that are anticipated to be driven, the age and sex of the driver, the value of the car and the area where it will normally be driven are taken into account. Owners of older cars which are free from lien should consider carefully whether collision and comprehensive auto insurance Wichita KS is a good option.
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