Is The 2022 Land Rover Defender In Philadelphia Worth Buying?

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Car Drealership

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The 2022 Land Rover Defender in Philadelphia offers the prowess of an off-road beast and good manners on the road. However, the reviews on the cabin are mixed and the fuel economy is less than ideal.

A Good SUV

The Land Rover Defender in Philadelphia is definitely a good SUV. It is one of the most capable off-road SUVs on the market. It handles great and offers a comfortable ride with potent acceleration from the engine.

The Land Rover Defender is available as a two- or four-door vehicle. The four-door configuration features a second row of seating that offers an abundance of space for your passengers as well as an optional third row for even more seating. It also includes a resounding cargo hold. Regardless of the model that you choose, the Defender is loaded with technology and features an infotainment system that is completely user-friendly.

Should You Buy the Defender?

You should definitely purchase the Land Rover Defender in Philadelphia. This luxury off-roader offers tremendous value regardless of whether you purchase new or used. With a long list of features that come standard on every model in combination with a midrange base price in the class, you can not deny the solid value.

The 2022 model saw a number of changes from previous models. The biggest change is the introduction of the 518-horsepower V8 engine. With the Land Rover Defender in Philadelphia, the value and style are absolutely undeniable.

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