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Is it Time to Call an Air Conditioning Contractor in Mountain House CA? What to Check Before Calling the Professionals

Although many of the repairs and maintenance tasks that are necessary to keep your central air unit running smoothly need to be performed by an experienced air conditioning contractor in Mountain House CA, there are several things that the average home owner can check before they make the call to the professionals.

Give it a good scrub.

Most home owners know that they should change the air filters inside their home at least once a month, but did you know that you are supposed to clean the coils on your air conditioning unit? At least seasonally, make sure that your fan and the condenser coils on your air conditioning unit are free of debris. (Remember to turn off the breaker before you begin to wash any components of your air conditioner!) Doing this simple task can save you hundreds of dollars and help you avoid calling an Air Conditioning Contractor Mountain House CA.

Check the breakers and power supply.

The central air conditioning unit of your home should be wired directly into your home’s breaker box. If your unit is continually flipping its breaker or shutting off unexpectedly, it may be due to faulty wiring and not an issue for an air conditioning contractor in Mountain House CA. Check the breaker box and the visible wires heading out of the air conditioning unit for any frays or other signs of wear or use. If there is visible damage, such as from a rodent’s chewing, your problem may need an electrician instead of an air conditioning contractor.

Finally, check the obvious.

There are many times that something simple, like the settings being changed on your home’s thermostat, can be the cause of what seems like a major problem with your air conditioning system. Check and see if there is ice forming on the unit or if there is a significant leak from the unit. These can be signs that the interior of the unit does need servicing by an Air Conditioning Contractor Mountain House CA, and shouldn’t be attempted by the average home owner.

As a home owner, you trust your air conditioning unit to work when you need it to protect you and your family from the scorching summer heat. By taking the time to check and properly maintain your unit, and knowing when to call in a professional, you can make sure that your air conditioner will be blowing cool air every time.

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