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Is It Possible to Appeal a Kansas Deportation Order from the Government?

In many cases, an immigrant may fail to appear in court because they fear that an immediate deportation order may be issued. However, immigrants may be able to appeal those deportation orders and stop ICE from taking any further action. That’s why they should work with an experienced deportation immigration attorney Junction City KS who can protect their rights.

Why Removal Orders Are Issued

Deportation typically starts when the Department of Homeland Security orders an immigrant to appear before a judge. They’ll likely receive a notice detailing who they are, their native country, and the reason for the court appearance. The letter will state why DHS believes guidelines have been violated and it will explain the fact that the immigrant has the right to obtain legal representation. If the court finds that DHS has provided enough documentation, the judge may order a deportation. However, an experienced lawyer with Addair Thurston Chtd. may ask for a waiver of removal or they may file an appeal.

Waiving a Deportation Order

Although it’s uncommon for the US government to waive a removal order, it’s still possible to negotiate for a waiver. DHS often makes mistakes, gathering erroneous information that can often be cleared up with affidavits and other documents. A deportation immigration attorney Junction City, KS residents trust may be able to convince the judge or DHS that deportation would cause undue harm to a naturalized family member. In cases where crimes are alleged, an immigrant may be able to ask the judge for time to prove their innocence and file an appeal.

Appealing a Deportation Order

Just because the judge agrees with the DHS and issues a deportation order, that doesn’t mean there are no options left. An immigration attorney may explore several different legal options, such as a cancellation, a status adjustment, or a request for asylum.

A deportation hearing is a fact-finding process. The easiest way to stay in the US is to work with a deportation immigration attorney Junction City, KS residents trust. Call Addair Thurston Chtd. today or visit them online at addairthurston.com. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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