An Introduction to Dry Eye Syndrome Oahu Mar08


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An Introduction to Dry Eye Syndrome Oahu

For patients suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome optometrists and other vision specialists play an invaluable role. The disorder, which causes an imbalance in the production of ingredients that make up normal tears, impacts the daily lives of a great many people without their even realizing it. Somewhat paradoxically, many patients who suffer from dry eyes experience increased tear production. The problem? These tears are composed primarily of water. They do little toward providing a coating for the eye.

Common symptoms of dry eye include redness, blurred vision, a sensation that there is a foreign object in the eye, sensitivity to light, and itchiness. These common primary symptoms may be accompanied by other secondary symptoms such as frequent blinking, discharge, matting of the eyelashes, eye fatigue, and headaches. By treating their Dry Eye Syndrome Oahu patients can alleviate the effects of the rest of these unpleasant symptoms.

Cases of dry eye syndrome range in both severity and in underlying cause. The disorder can be the result of another disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or Sjogren’s syndrome, that directly affect the patient’s ability to make healthy, natural tears. It could be a side effect of a medication the patient is taking. It could be occurring due to natural aging processes. Only a specializing doctor can diagnose dry eyes and help his or her patients decide on an appropriate course of treatment.

Artificial tears are one of the most popular and effective treatments for dry eye syndrome. Many creams, eye drops, and even nutritional supplements are available over the counter without a prescription as well. However, the best way to ensure adequate care and to know that any course of treatment devised will be effective is to see a doctor as soon as the symptoms begin getting in the way of daily life. The prescription eye drops available, such as cyclosporine, can do far more toward restoring a healthy balance in the patient’s eye and boosting natural tear production.

For patients who have not yet been diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome Oahu vision specialists are here to help. Visit the Hawaii Vision Clinic in Ohau online or schedule an appointment for an evaluation by a specialist.

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