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Interesting Facts About Living Wills in Bel Air MD

A living will is a document any person can create that will give instructions to medical professionals if they are unable to do so themselves. While older people are more cognizant of their mortality and more likely to talk to an attorney about creating Living Wills in Bel Air MD, young people can benefit from them as well. Since young adults are more likely to be severely injured in accidents, it makes sense for everyone who wants control over how they are cared for in their final days to have a living will, or advanced directive. You can contact Attorney Michael S. Birch for further information.

With an advance directive, adults can specify which treatments, if any, they would like to have administered if they are terminally ill and unable to communicate or permanently unconscious after an accident. Instead of listing treatments they want, some people documents treatments that they definitely do not want to be used on them. Many people are opposed to life support for themselves but without a living will, their family members may instruct doctors to keep them alive indefinitely with no hope of recovery.

Living Wills in Bel Air MD helps families deal with their grief when a loved one is near death. By taking the responsibility of making irreversible medical decisions away from loved ones, a person who prepares an advance directive will be giving them a final gift. Many family members struggle with these kinds of decisions and often choose to incorporate life support measures such as ventilators and feeding tubes rather than allowing their loved one to die. Everyone who writes a living will should share their wishes with their family as well as their physician so there won’t be any confusing if it ever needs to be executed.

Attorney Michael S. Birch has been helping people write legally enforceable living wills for many years. If you need to get in touch with him to help you put your wishes in writing. A living will is just one estate planning document that can give you peace of mind, knowing your wishes will be abided by if the unthinkable happens.

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