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Installing a Hardwood Floor in McHenry, IL? Take Care of it With These Tips

There is nothing like adding warmth to your home with hardwood flooring. Of course, it is best to learn how to care for your floor before looking into hardwood installation in McHenry, IL. You can maintain the beauty and durability of your hardwood floor by keeping the following tips in mind.

Clean it Regularly

It is best to give your hardwood floor a regular cleaning. This means sweeping or dusting it daily and vacuuming it weekly. You want to use a floor cleaner that is designed for wood at least once a month. It is also better to refinish your wood floor every three to five years.

Clean Spills Immediately

Splashes and spills are inevitable in any home. The key is to clean the spills immediately. After all, you do not want any stains to set onto the hardwood floor. Use a dry or slightly damp cloth rather than a wet mop to clean the spill. You can also avoid stains by banning wet and muddy shoes from your home.

Invest in Furniture Pads

If you need to move your furniture for any reason, you may scratch the floor with the furniture legs. You cannot avoid moving any pieces at all. However, you can protect the floor with furniture pads. You can place the furniture pads on the legs of your sofa, chairs and tables to prevent scratches.

When you are ready to look into hardwood installation in McHenry, IL, hire Anderson Flooring and Tile for the job. You can learn more about this company by visiting andersonflooringandtile.com

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