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Injured in a Parking Lot Fall? Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Business owners are expected to maintain their property so that their customers are safe. If a person trips on uneven or cracked pavement, then the business owner is liable for damages. The injured person will have to report this injury to the business owner and file a claim with their insurance company. This is a complicated and contentious process. The insurance company has lawyers and medical experts that work to reject the claim. Hiring a Personal Injury lawyer will help the injured person win a fair settlement.

It’s important that the injured person hire a lawyer as soon as possible. They will know how to preserve evidence to make their claim as strong as possible. If a woman caught her heel in a pothole, the lawyer will make sure that a picture of the pothole and pavement is taken. Once the pavement is repaired, it is more difficult to document the circumstances. A person should take the time to write down everything they remember about the accident soon after it happens. In this case, the woman should note the time of day and the weather. She should also state how many people were in the parking lot. If anyone saw her fall, she should get their names and addresses. Many businesses have surveillance cameras in the parking lot. If she saw one, she should note that as well. It’s possible that the business owner will remove it, after the accident.

Neck and back injuries are common when a person falls. They can be very hard to diagnose. Many of them don’t surface until days after the accident. A person may think they are just stiff and tell the doctor that they are fine. However, in a few days the pain is so bad that they can barely walk. Their Personal injury lawyer will know how to work with doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors to show that the fall did cause the injury. They will be able to document in their claim that the fall was caused by negligence and resulted in serious injury.

Business Name is one of the law firms that represents injured people. They will assess a person’s claim without charge.

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