Information To Know Before Meeting With A Minnesota Car Accident Lawyer

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Lawyers

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The first meeting with an attorney in the Minnesota area is important as it sets the tone for future interactions. Most of the top law firms in the area provide general information or a checklist for their clients before the first initial consultation with the car accident lawyer.

This first meeting, which may be called a consultation or a case evaluation, is the time for the attorney and the potential client to see if they are a good fit. The attorney also evaluates the necessary information about the case and determines if he or she is able to provide the required legal representation.

Having the information the car accident lawyer needs to complete this evaluation of the case is necessary. While it may be too soon to have all of the information, the more you can provide, the better the understanding of the legal issues around the case.

Basic Information

For many people injured in an accident, remembering the details of the event can be difficult. A helpful strategy is to simply write down the memories and the details of the accident and provide it to the attorney at the meeting.

This can include basic information such as the date, time, and specific location of the accident. Make a note of any conditions that may have impacted driving conditions such as the weather, road construction, heavy traffic, or other factors.

If you were able to obtain contact information from witnesses to the accident, be sure to bring this information as well. Pictures of the accident, as well as the police report, are very beneficial to have at the meeting. Most Minneapolis police reports are now available online, but it may take a few weeks for them to be available.

For those seeing a car accident lawyer after medical treatment, bring any medical records you may have on hand. You can also provide information about your treatment, doctors, hospital or rehab visits, diagnosis, and any information about current or ongoing treatment or medical issues related to the accident.

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