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Information On Custom Rims DC

Are you looking for rims for your car or truck? Depending on if you have a car or a truck the different brands can vary in style and price. Mickey Thompson is a brand of rims that provides to 4 by 4 and SUVs; it has a black gloss finish with a UV protective coat for easy cleanup. This type of Mickey Thompson rim goes for about $236 online. If you are looking for racing rims for your vehicle, Tenzo has some rims that come in a finished black look and the sizes of them are 17 x 7. They cost $169 per rim. Another style of custom rims DC for your car is a brand called DC wheels. This brand has a silver finish to it with the wheel size 19 x 8.5 each rim cost $185.75.

If black is more your style then the Helo might be a better fit for you, they come in different sizes from 15 inches to 26 inches and can be put on a wide range of vehicles. These custom rims will set you back around $171 per rim. If chrome is more your style you can go with the platinum 200 Apex custom chrome rims, the size on these are 17 x 7.50 and have a bolt pattern to them. They are $199 or when you buy four they are $819. Matte custom black Rims are 18 inches and are 5 x 100 these have a black finish to them and they costs $140 per rim.

XP series are a good choice for SUVs or trucks they had 22 inch rims with a high gloss custom look to it. They cost $343 income with the hubcentric ring. Some other custom rims in DC are American racing wheels they are a six spoke design which are 20 x 10 8 x 6.5 Matte, these rims are one-piece aluminum which come with a one piece center cap that is included in the $231 price tag. Another good style of rims for your vehicle is the Mickey Thompson Sidebitter. These custom Rams have a gloss black finish and cost hundred and $86.25 per RAM and are size 16.

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