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Information About Vibration Analysis in San Antonio

When a car tire is punctured and slowly loses air, the first sign the driver will notice is a change in the vibration of the tires on the road. A small disruption will soon become a loud “flap, flap, flap” sound, and it’s time to pull off the road before the tire comes apart. A change in vibration can be a signal that a rotating part is not in sync with the rest of the components in a machine; however, in large machines with many interior parts, it is impossible to detect these changes just by listening.

The purpose of vibration analysis in San Antonio is to detect faults in rotating equipment and determine which parts are wearing down. Vibration analysis can detect when a rotating part is unbalanced or misaligned or creating unwanted friction with another part. If a deteriorating moving part is not replaced, it can suddenly fly away from its base and cause the whole machine to break down. If a part can be replaced before it completely wears out, then the machine can be protected from unnecessary damage and its life can be extended. This type of maintenance is called predictive maintenance, and it is a part of a conditioning management program. It is good for detecting flaws that are hidden to human eyes and ears.

Vibration analyzers have sensors that detect and record vibration data. There are two types of sensors; one is an accelerometer, which senses vibrations and measures their increase in speed and the other is a tachometer, which measures rotation speed in rotations per minute. By comparing measurements over time, data from these two sensors can show if a rotating part, for instance, is beginning to slow down. The data can pinpoint where in the machine a vibration change is occurring so that the faulty part can be accurately identified.

The alternative to using vibration analysis is replacing machine parts on a strict schedule. However, some parts may wear out faster than the manufacturer predicts, so this method may not catch all potential problems in time. If you would like to get more information about Vibration Analysis in San Antonio, Visit Domain.

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