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Information about karats for when you Buy Gold Racine WI

There is doubt that gold is one of the most precious and expensive metals on the planet. It costs an average of $1,435 an ounce. It is used for style and anyone who can afford to own or wear it is always looked up to. So when you find a good deal it is best to jump at it but do not be fooled, the market unfortunately is full of fake gold. When you Buy Gold Racine WI you need to be very careful. Fake gold is also known as fools gold. When gold is mined it is soft. it is then mixed with other metals to form an alloy, it makes it more durable. You should be aware of this before you Buy Gold Racine WI.

Before you buy gold firstly ask yourself this question:

How Pure Is the Gold? On the piece of gold there will be a number and letter. For example 18K. The K stands for karat. This is the measurement used to measure the weight of the gold.

24K gold is pure gold.

18K gold contains 18 part gold and 6 parts of additional metals, this means it is 75% gold.

14K, contains 14 part gold and 10 parts of additional metals, meaning it is 58.3% gold.

12K, contains 12 part gold and 12 parts additional metals, meaning its 50% gold.

10K, contains 10 part gold. 10K gold is the minimum amount for an item to be considerd “gold”.

The measurement is used around the world. The minimum may be different depending on the country.

When you Buy Gold Racine WI you may take it to be verified by a jeweler. If you find the gold is fake and it was being sold as genuine you have the right to go back to the jeweler that sold it to you and ask for your money back. You can also report him to the authorities.

If you are buying gold bullion there are certain legal issues you must abide by.

When you have bought the gold you should issuer it against theft, loss or damage. This will keep you protected against financial loss. Also do no tell everyone what you have bought. It may make you a target.

In conclusion, when you Buy Gold Racine WI be sure that you know what you are buying and you are well protected.

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